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Test Day Failure, need a plan on how to move ahead

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Hi everyone,

So I started preparing for GMAT about 6-7 months ago. I was regular in my practice, gave mocks, worked on the weak areas. I timed my mocks accurately, simulated the conditions. Every weekend, I would give a mock, while on the week work on my weak areas. The last 2 months before GMAT, I gave about 5-6 official tests, wherein most of my scores were in the 720-740 range, and other software tests, where I was in a similar range. My usual breakdown would be a Q49 or Q50, and and a V42-V44.

On test day however, I felt like my test was going good. However, my result came as 650, and I had to cancel the score. The breakdown was a Q40 and V30 as far as I remember. So I'm really trying to understand what should be my next plan of action. Any help of suggestions welcome.

I personally feel my DS is still a bit weak, even though I had worked on it, I'm slow with it, so want guidance regarding that. I'm also planning to purchase Manhattan/Kaplan material for next prep. Are these the right steps? Any advice is welcome. I'm trying to formulate a study plan rather than just start all over again.