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Score plateau in verbal, Stuck!

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Score plateau in verbal, Stuck!

by samco.me » Wed Jul 31, 2019 5:04 am
I am having a real hard time under that why I couldn't go past 31-32 score mark in verbal
GMAT1: 30 (7 months before)
GMAT2: 32 (1 month before)
GMAT3: 31 (30th July '19)

I have attempted over 1000 of questions (Gmatclub questions including Mgmat, Veritas and OG) and analyzed my answers as much as I could have. My strength is in this order SC>CR>RC. In last two attempts, specifically the 3rd one, I was quite confident while giving answers. Moreover, I felt as I wasn't getting easy questions too often and wasn't rushing, I had been doing fine. However, when I completed the last section AWA and score popped-up, I was blank face to see 31, only last 2 questions went unattempted. Could anyone shed some light?

Self study-stated with veritas video lessons for strategy referred manhattan guide for concepts and few other sources via gmatclub.
I had been preparing for over a year now: attempting ,using timer, 20 odd questions on weekdays and double of those on weekends and periodically giving mock CATS within 1 month to GMAT, exhausted Manhattan CATs, VERITAS CATs, Experts Global and Official Gmatprep pack 1 & 2.

Ps: With score of 48,48,49 in quant, I am not focusing much on Quant improvement but verbal isn't letting me go past 660. :roll: :x