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Need help to decide GMAT Test cancellation

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Hi GMAT Experts,
Although this IDEALLY should be asked directly to the GMAC Representatives, but I'm not really sure whether they're active on the forum at present...

I've a tricky situation at place regarding my GMAT Test cancellation.

My test is scheduled for coming Tuesday. But I'll be unable to take the test on that day because of some UNAVOIDABLE CIRCUMSTANCE at my end. So, I've the following THREE options, I believe :

1. I'll have to reschedule my GMAT, paying $250 since less than 7 days are remaining. But as I'm NOT really sure when EXACTLY I'll be able to take the test, I want to avoid this option, especially when I need to pay the full amount instead of normal reschedule fee of $50.

2. I cancel the test (NO REFUND since less than 7 days) and register for a new slot with $250. In this case, what will be reflected in my GMAT score HISTORY and in the GMAT score report that will be sent to the schools when I take the GMAT test next time ?

When they'll receive the score report next time, will the schools get to know that I cancelled the GMAT Test previously ?

3. I simply don't show up on coming Tuesday. What will happen in this case ?
Will the schools somehow get to know when they'll receive the score report next time that I didn't show up for the scheduled GMAT Test earlier ?