600 to 730 (Q49, V41) in 7 weeks - Much thanks to Empower GMAT

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Hi all,

just wanted to do a quick share of my experience with EMPOWERgmat. (if you want a TLDR, its great.)

So I registered to take the exam on 5th May, which gave me all of ~7 weeks to prepare. Not the most comfortable of prep duration, I must say, and this was made harder by the covid situation here which meant my company entering the busiest period it has ever been, plus taking care full-time of my 4 month old kid at home with my wife who had just ended maternity leave and started working too. You can imagine how incredibly hard for study time I was. This is where EMPOWERgmat really helped A LOT. I didn't have time for complicated formulas or math solutions, I needed a course that gave me the score with maximum efficiency and that's exactly what I got.

The scoring strategies they taught coupled with the golden nuggets of tips throughout the course really helped me approach the exam with a fresh perspective and aided me immensely in the exam. I could hear their voices in my head sometimes, championing the strategy to use when I saw those similar questions on exam day.

if you have any doubts, they have a 1 month 'trial' which won't set you back much; I tried, and didn't look back. I'm not sure if this course will 'guarantee' you getting >750, but I wasn't targeting that. All I needed was a ~730 score which is already the avg score of the top US MBAs and this course certainly helped me a great extent to achieving that.

Kudos to the Max, Rich and the team!