Got into "the 700s Club" with Target Test Prep

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TTP was incredible!! Hands down the best at what they do (i.e. GMAT quant). I had used other programs, including MGMAT and Magoosh before and for quant, there was no comparison to TTP. I used TTP's online self-paced program but also worked one-on-one with a tutor in the final 5 weeks leading up to my test.

The online program is very well designed such that once you finish a chapter on a particular topic, you feel very comfortable with the material (b/c you've also been doing practice problems along the way that are built-in to the chapters). Beyond that, I really liked the ability to do practice sets via topic or build customized p-sets, and most importantly that all of the data analytics were available to you so you could clearly gauge what topics, questions types, etc. you needed to improve on.

As for the one-on-one tutoring, I would HIGHLY recommend Scott! He has clearly mastered the GMAT math content and it is evident in the techniques and approaches to specific problem types he is able to teach.

Particularly for my learning style, being able to say "I'm struggling with X,Y, Z topic " and then have Scott not only walk me through it, but also ensure I understood it by doing several more similar problems was very helpful. Something that would have typically taken me many more hours of trying to understand on my own, was usually cleared up in a few minutes, then drilled down to make sure I truly felt comfortable with it.

The combination of one-on-one tutoring WITH the online TTP program was key though. I would not have had the fundamentals to make our tutoring sessions as effective otherwise. The one-on-one sessions combined with the online program were a complete game-changer for my GMAT studies. This is undoubtedly what moved me from a 650 to 700. And for the record, it's important to that I started studying for my GMAT in earnest with a very short timeline before I had to take my test to be eligble for R2 b-school apps (about 6 weeks). I know that had I started with TTP earlier my score would have easily been higher than this, but my goal given my timeframe was to get into the 700s club, which I did!

I'm still in the middle of the R2 process, but I am extremely happy to have been thus far extended interview invites for 4 out of 6 top 20 MBA programs I applied to. Don't think I would have had the same outcome if I hadn't raised my score with TTP! Great program! Cannot say it enough.