Got admitted to Foster's School of Bussiness MSCM program wi

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I just got an admit to Foster's MSCM program. I had a disastrous GMAT journey. 1st Attempt: 610( V:26 Q:48 AWA:4 IR:4) 2nd Attempt :640 (V:30 Q:47 AWA: 5.00 IR:4).
I retook GMAT within a span of 20 days, I was targeting a score of 660-670 and I ended up scoring only a 640. I did a grave mistake during my second attempt, I missed the last 4 questions IN Quants and I had to bear the consequences. I have a work experience of around 3.5 years in operations in a FMCG company. I used to head a team of 12 skilled technicians in a shop floor. I have zero volunteering experience. My undergraduate GPA was good ( 8.9/10). When I started writing my essay all I knew was a low GMAT score cannot deter me from pursuing my dream of getting an admit into the program. I know I have the desired skills to get into the program. I had a location constraint , As my husband works in Seattle . The only option for me was fosters school of business. I started writing my essays. The MSCM program asks us to write 2 essays One on why are you interested in Fosters MSCM program? What are your career goals and how will this program help you achieve the same. and the 2nd one What will you contribute to the MSCM class? . I started interacting with the program coordinator for the program. So here is a thing. All b-school's program -coordinator are reachable and you can even ask them questions like what are you looking for in the essays ? Can I get a contact of an alumni? I did that . The program coordinator was more than happy to give me the contact of the Alumni. I spoke with the Alumni asked her about the program, its target audience, How did she go about writing her essays. Also, I had the opportunity to attend a class, interact with the professors. After interacting with so many people you fairly get an idea what the admission committee is looking for in an applicant. In the career goals essay I articulated clearly what was my short term and long term career goals. How did I go about setting my career goals. What was my motivation to pursue a masters degree in supply chain. Here, I had highlighted my work experience in depth. I made sure not to use technical jargon. I wrote why was I interested in Fosters MSCM program. Here, I highlighted about my class visit, the subjects in the curriculum which will develop my desired skills for achieving my career goals. 1 more thing which I did after quitting my job was get myself enrolled in a lot of certification courses. I made sure to highlight this in my goals essay in a way that I was motivated in pursuing / taking up a career in that field. During my interaction with program coordinator , she specifically told me that we get a 100's of application and people don't answer the questions asked in the essay. They talk about themselves or their achievements and not answer our questions. I focused particularly on answering the questions in the essays as precisely as possible. In my second essay what will you contribute to the program, I researched about clubs in the university how I go about contributing to those clubs . My knowledge on certain subjects which I can help during class discussions. Another aspect of the application is your resume. Here I made sure to highlight only those parts of my work experience , which would add value in getting me a admit. I didn't put up a section highlighting my skill sets. Instead I highlighted my skills using the achievements in my work place. Fosters School of business's MSCM program sends you link for video interview as soon as you complete your application. I submitted my application 10-12 days before the deadline , which gave me more than a week for preparing for the video Interview. There were questions in the video Interview and 30 seconds Prep time was given and 1 minute to answer the questions. The questions were simple , asking you about your motivation to apply for Mscm program, your strengths / weaknesses etc. I did OK with the interview as I stammered in 2 of the questions. so on 8th of February, I get an admit to Fosters MSCM program. Finally , even after a low score I made it. Just don't stop believing in yourself . we are much more capable than what we think we are !!