Never Give UP!!!!!

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Never Give UP!!!!!

by vivekkumarmechanical » Tue Dec 12, 2017 6:51 pm
Finally, this day is happening... I am writing my story, My results are not that great, so few people may not consider it as a success... but still, it can give hope for few out there..

Disclaimer: There is no specific strategy I am going to discuss for GMAT Prep. Moreover, its not at all about GMAT, its about how to stay determined even after losing all HOPES !!!!!

So my story started July 23, 2014. I am really good in quants and I thought I was good in verbal also. I started doing self-prep. For verbal, I started with Manhattan SC. After reading few chapters, I realized I am unable to understand anything, that's where I hit the reality. So, I took a step-back, closed the Manhattan SC, and studied my High school grammar book. It took me a month to remember what is a verb, pronoun etc. Again, I came into the league. I started practicing SC. Still didn't understand anything, so I joined Magoosh online course.

After three months of self-prep+ Magoosh, I got a good idea of how exam works, and exam pattern etc, though magoosh is good, I felt that I need a traditional style coaching. I joined a coaching class, it's a three month program. I got motivated by seeing few of my peers.

And I received one bad advice, the coaching centre is not traditionally famous for GMAT, they are famous for CAT, Indian aptitude exam, Work on PS, automatically you will learn how to solve DS, and they never taught me any DS. Basically, a worst of all advice.
I ddint felt confident in verbal even after coaching, so I joined EGMAT online course for verbal. I worked through all their material.
After my classes are over, I take off from work for month, I studied 12 to 15 hours a day. I solved approxiamtely, 500 SC and 500 CR and lots and lots of RC. Finally, I came to stage where I am able to Get 50% accuracy in SC, CR and RC based on luck 0- 60%
After nine months, I gave my First GMAT on 28-April-2015, it was a failure... I scored 530 Q-44 and V-19. I am able to understand what went wrong quant, but literally no idea on verbal.

I was devasted, because I always judge myself corerctly, I was expecting around 640, my mock results.
I didn't give up!!!! I started studying next day.....

I spoke with few people, they advised me look closely where it went wrong, The main mistake I did is studying in vaccum. I didn't involve myself with styding partners, I didn't use whatspp etc. if we study alone, we will not able to see our fault by ourselves.
So, I took help from a private tutor. After completing office, I went to his home studies there and got my place my night 10. After that, I will do my home work till 1. He was very kind and helped to figure out my mistake.
Here comes the important character of my prep, I found a study partner in my city, later who turned into my brother, we used to study all weekends. After six months very hard studies, on the last day, my personal tutor congraulated for all my efforts and wished me for getting 700. I again appeared for the exam on 05-Nov-2015, it was disaster, I couldn't even imagine..... 510 Q47 V15
I don't know what happened and why I scored so low in verbal.
I said to myself, I wasted more than one and half years and I am done.....

I didn't study anything for next few months, But I don't why, inside I always felt, I should do this....
I started again and studied for five months, and apperead for the exam third time.... This time, inorder to avoid getting hurt, I promised to myself I will happy whatever I get and I took exam on 23 -Aug-2016 , it was 590.

So I decided to ahead with my application process. This is one big story, to make it short. I approached few consultants to help me with application, they all told me to retake, since my score was so low. How can I explain all above which I mentioned to them...
I started applying on my own. It was not bad, I applied for five university and got one admit. I am so happy, but unfournately, I am unable to arrange funds, so I end up not attending the program.

So, I thought my story was ended....

But at the start of 2017, I got new hopes, I planned to write GRE this time. Here comes most amazing person of my life... I prepared along with that person, and I gave my GRE on 23 - April and scored 313, which is apprx 610 GMAT. So again started applying with GMAT as well as GRE scores... I applied for another five university, I got three admits this time, since, I understand how application process work. Finally, I accepted one of the offers few days back.

I will start to follow my dream from May 2018...

So from Aug 2014 to May 2018.... I faced so many ups and downs, the moments which I believed I will get 700, and the moments I buried my MBA plan... And all the sacrifices, I made all along the way. I happy I made through it.
"Hope is the best thing, may be best of everything"

Special Thanks:
To my father and my brother - they didn't told a single negative word till now, always" Try once again, you can do it".
My study partners. Oh, Sorry!!!! My brothers
My angel ...
To Almighty
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