Where to take the GMAT? France or China

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Dear All,

I will most probably take the GMAT next January or February 2021. However, I am not sure where to take it.

To explain the situation: I am a French national, currently working in China.

Thus, I was initially thinking of taking the GMAT in China... However, I know that the GMAT average score in China is quite high v. other regions of the world.

That is why, I was thinking of going back to France to take the GMAT, where the GMAT average score is lower v. China.

I have asked around me and my friends told me that the location where you take the GMAT (country) doesn't change anything.

However, the nationality does...

For instance, a 730 scored by an European (a French for example) is considered quite high v. a 730 scored by a Chinese is considered average / average - by some business schools.

Thus, if I take my test in China as a French national and I send my test scores to some B-schools, the location wouldn't matter, correct?

Thanks for your answer!