Mock tests evaluation

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Mock tests evaluation

by ngupta27 » Sat Sep 19, 2020 11:40 am
Hi All,

I am facing issue in mock test evaluations. .
Not sure what is going wrong but I am not able to find a pattern of weak areas in my preparation.
Mock scores are coming around 670-710 in different mocks

Please help

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Re: Mock tests evaluation

by GurbaniKaurSuri » Mon Oct 05, 2020 10:09 pm
Mock Tests are really valuable when it comes to getting an upperhand on exams know-how. Evaluation of them is an important task to do. We can help you in finding the TOEFL Free Practise Tests Online. ... sts-online

How to Optimise the TOEFL Sample Tests?
Before we give you the links to TOEFL online free practice tests, let us first give you tips on who can you can use these sample papers to the best of your advantage.

Break Down the Answering Process - Examinees can break down their answering/attempting process by providing a time frame to answer each question while solving the TOEFL sample papers. The time originally allocated to each section or question can be reduced gradually to practice answering the questions faster. This will also help you formulate effective time-management strategies for the day of the exam.
Improve Your Reading Speed - The reading section of the test requires the students to respond to 30 – 40 questions covering 3-4 tasks. It needs to be completed within 54-72 minutes. It would mean that you would effectively have 5 minutes to read a text and less than a minute to answer each question. The TOEFL Online Free Test Practices will help you to optimize your comprehension capabilities by allowing you to attempt multiple reading sections and reach the desirable reading speed.
Learn When To Move On - While it may seem that there is too much time to respond to every question; in reality, it is not so. You will have very less time to respond to each question. Hence, the need is to make a smart judgment and move on where you seem to have got stuck. It’s better that you follow the same strategy while practicing the TOEFL practice tests online.
Manage Stress - A mountain of stress can be detrimental, especially on the day of the exam. Introduce stress at the mock stages rather than taking it directly on the test day. You can pressurise yourself to the hilt by strictly following a time limit for each question while answering the TOEFL Sample Test.
Focus On Weaknesses - You should become aware of your weak areas as you prepare for the test. It is the main reason why students should take the TOEFL practice test online periodically, as it helps them to understand the areas where they are facing issues in. The students should lay stress on their identified weaknesses and turn them into their strength.