Veritas Mock - Really challenging, but very unrealistic ?

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Following are my veritas mock test scores:

1. Q49 V34: 680
2. Q47, V35: 670
3. Q47, V31: 640
4. Q46, V36: 670
5. Q43, V30: 600

The last test score was really frustrating. The questions in quant were really challenging, questions that one should be familiar before the big day, but they shouldn't be as depressing as to break one's morale for the big day.
For the 5th mock test, I decided to graph the time taken by me on the quant questions with the average time taken. The analysis was surprising, the total of average time for all quant questions was 78 Mins 54 Seconds. WoW !!! I think Veritas should not be this harsh.

Verbal: RC's were really really tough. After the first 2 RC's, I barely got a chance to understand and answer the last or last 2 RC's. I think RC's should be made a lot more comfortable. SC's were unconventional, but i liked some of them. CR were more or less GMAT like. My scores were consistently challenged by extremely difficult RC's and really messy SC's.

If anyone has similar/dissimilar experience, please share.


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by [email protected] » Sat Jan 27, 2018 10:46 am
Hi Sunlight,

While it's certainly possible that one of your CATs is a bit 'harder' than the others, there are a variety of factors that can influence YOUR performance - so some analysis of those other factors is necessary. A CAT is really a 'measuring device' - when used correctly, it will give you a realistic score and help define your strengths and weaknesses, but it will NOT help you to fix any of those weaknesses. To raise your scores, you have to put in the necessary practice and repetitions. The CAT will show you whether your studies are helping you to improve or not.

When you took your CATs:
1) Did you take the ENTIRE CAT each time (including the Essay and IR sections)?
2) Did you take them at home?
3) Did you take them at the same time of day as when you plan to take your Official GMAT?
4) Did you ever do ANYTHING during your CATs that you couldn't do on Test Day (pause the CAT, skip sections, take longer breaks, etc.)?
5) Did you ever take a CAT more than once? Had you seen any of the questions BEFORE (re: in an online forum or in a practice set)?

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by [email protected] » Mon Sep 03, 2018 4:09 pm
Hi Sun Light,

We have not heard from you for some time. Did you end up taking your GMAT?

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Mock Tests

by kyuhunl » Tue Jan 29, 2019 5:38 am
Yeah, I guess those mock tests are good for trying some challenging questions, but doesn't really reflect your would-be score in the real exam.
But look at the bright side - your score is definitely going to be higher than what you got on the mock test!