Veritas Gmat 480 (q33,v24) blind test and no study- 700+ realistic?

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I am in my 2nd year of uni in the UK and am considering applying for a deferred entry to HBS/GSB/Wharton/LBS when I get to my last year of study (2021/22). I have a year abroad coming up and am weak at tests so thought I could benefit with using the year to practice GMAT as I am s**t at standardised tests.

I just gave the veritas GMAT test a go to see how I would do and got 480 (Q33,V24).

Given the fact I have not studied, do you think studying say 2 hours a day over the course of the next year will put me in good stead to cross the 700 threshold? Is 480 on the low end for a blind test?

Thank you :)

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The veritas tests are a little harder when compared to the actual gmat. That's a good thing btw. And answering your question , yes 2 hours per day for say about three months is more than enough to score a 700+ given the fact that you have around 500 in the great which I consider a diagnostic one. Refer the official guide for concepts and questions and also other institutes where they give material and CATs like veritas.they are damn helpful. Hope you score well and get admitted to your dream college.
Thank you
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480 on a veritas is definitely a little higher in the actual gmat. Say around 500 for example. 500 without preparation is actually pretty decent. 2 hours of studies everyday at a constant rate for around 3-4 months can get you to a 700+ score. Please go with the proper material which includes the official guide. You can choose from a wide range of material outside the OG.
Answering your question - no it is definitely not on the low side as the actual gmat average is around 550-580.
So have a plan and go for it.
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HI conradgorton,

I see it's been a while since we've heard from you. How is your studying coming along?

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