Verbal score

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Verbal score

by kaizmoto1489 » Thu Jun 03, 2021 1:18 am
Hi members,

I am having very tuf time with verbal. My journey to mba started in 2017 with CAT but couldn't crack because of very low score in verbal 30% percentile. Again now I started to prepare for Gmat from past 6 months again verbal is big headache to me.

I have been scoring good in quants in mocks 48 to 50 but my verbal score is not at all improving even after studying for more than 6 months it just improved from V13 to V21.

I am clueless now how to move forward, I spent almost 90% of my time for verbal but still unable to improve. As round 1 deadline is nearing I want to take private tutoring for verbal. This is the only last option I am guessing will improve my verbal score as I tried previously online classes & self preparation too.

If someone can suggest a way to scale up my score to at least V29/30 I will be really very happy as I am very confident on quants that I can score V51 with little more preparation from my end.


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Re: Verbal score

by [email protected] » Fri Aug 06, 2021 4:16 am
I have the perfect articel for you to check out:

How to Score High on GMAT Verbal

Feel free to reach out with additional questions.

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