Dec 7th Free Stratus Webinar: Help for R2 applications

Launched June 1, 2012
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Join Stratus Admissions and Beat the GMAT on Thursday, Dec 7 at 12 noon EST for this one hour webinar for anyone targeting a top b-school!
Register here: ... 9558693891
Are you a "watcher" or a "player"? If you are going to apply to MBA programs in R2 it's GO TIME!

Join Harold Simansky (MIT Sloan alumni) and Susan Cera (former Top 10 Admissions Committee member, admissions expert and published writer) as they cover how to make your go/no go decision.

And, if it's a "yes," what you need to focus on over the next few weeks to put together your strongest possible MBA applications.

You will not want to miss this presentation, it will be a game-changer. Q&A to follow. Register today! ... 9558693891

And we are always just a click away here: if you want to reach out for more help!