Two Top European Bschool Admits with Scholarship!

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I came to GyanOne with a basic idea of what my future aspirations were and their profound knowledge about business schools helped me align the right school with my goals, by understanding my motivations and experiences.
Right from the very beginning, GyanOne’s organised and focused methodology, along with personalised attention not only enabled me to optimally prepare for the admission process, but also helped me remain confident throughout this sometimes-turbulent process.

With a GMAT score of 700 and just a few days left before the R2 deadline, they helped me develop experience-based answers, which vividly highlighted my learnings from each experience. Through brainstorming, attentive listening, patience and hardwork, the team helped me find what made me unique and competitive in a large pool of applicants. In addition, the limitless edits made the essays and the resume engaging enough to stand out during the application process and made sure that every element of the application is perfect. By the end of the process, I already was confident of my candidature for the program.

Once interview calls came rolling in, their multi-pronged and gruelling mock interview sessions prepared me for every possible interview scenario and taught me how to intelligently tackle every question, be it behavioural, general or a case study question.
GyanOne prepared me for the worst that one could expect in an interview, that the actual interview seemed like a cake walk to me. I truly believe it gave me a strong competitive advantage and helped me present a polished image of myself in front of the admissions panel, ultimately getting me an admit from two of the top European Business Schools with scholarship.

Professional and personalised understanding were some of the immediately visible traits that I notice about the services offered by Gyanone. Moreover, I am extremely thankful for their guidance, they not only guided me through the intricacies of the process but also instilled in me the confidence that nothing is impossible if one is whole-heartedly determined to work for it.

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Such stories always inspire me. I hope to win a scholardhip myself. Good luck with your studies!