TTP took me from 31 -> 49Q

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TTP took me from 31 -> 49Q

by ryana » Mon Jul 13, 2020 10:10 am
I started studying Kaplan, because they're a name brand. I bought their books, and studied for a month. I took a practice test and BOMBED.

I was really upset, considering how much effort I put into studying with them. And I'm a computer engineer. I literally took 2 high level math courses every single semester for 4 years at college, it shouldn't have been that bad. But they just didn't prepare you for the GMAT. It was more like Middle-School review.

With TTP, I could see they ask you questions the way the GMAT does, and often the exact same questions with different #s. 15/31 of the problems on the exam you will find nearly word-for-word in TTP. 9/31 they will prepare you incredibly well for, and these are questions where the concepts are combined with no tricks. For those 26/31, you will have a mental model prepared so that you can, on paper, solve the problem without fail.

Really happy with the results, money very well spent.


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Re: TTP took me from 31 -> 49Q

by [email protected] » Wed Aug 12, 2020 5:09 pm
Hi ryana,

Congrats on a great score!!! You crushed it!! Good luck with things moving forward.

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