Top Tips For Teaching Web Design Basics To Students in Dubai

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Web is constantly transforming today. With the change in coding techniques, front-end Web development has become affected. Web developer today needs to well-versed in CSS and HTML, and cannot just copy-paste JavaScript, should be well aware with the use of jQuery, CSS preprocessors and other latest techniques like responsive design and mobile pages.
Since front-end Web development has changed, it is the responsibility of teachers in the education industry to ensure the elements are included in the introductory classes as well, for web design in dubai. Teaching HTML or CSS to students who know nothing about it is really a challenge for teachers. The cooperation is required from both ends, teachers and students, but most importantly on teacher's part and how he designs the curricula, develops methodologies and implements strategies that actually work.

Here are the areas with relevant guidelines to go about them when teaching web design basics to students:

"¢ Overview

Develop generous curricula that explores good amount of knowledge for the new students, think a larger Web universe, like explaining HTML, its acronym, where and how it was developed and other essential facts. If you show them the bigger picture via slides, a discussion is to rise amongst the students - be prepared for that and help them understand.

"¢ Picturing A Web Page

When teaching web design in Dubai colleges, students are provided to play around with colors, fonts and other basics, with the help of Photoshop or fireworks. This works best as the students develop a web page in their minds, without any coding. This is the sanest thing to do as students will not be worried about coding before they can actually get a little creative with the design.

"¢ HTML and CSS

Learning the difference between markup and presentation is essential for students in a basic course like this. They will learn to create a page right from the beginning, including HTML, CSS and even image files. Floats and positioning comes as parts of the same lessons. However, hand-code standards-compliant needs some modifications like standardizing in one browse, Firefox or Chrome, including HTML5, CSS3 and other selectors. Remember to teaching how to code a grid right after the student has practical knowledge of floats and positioning. Cover the responsive design frameworks as well which will help them in customizing a code in a way they find fit.

"¢ Writing the code

Open a text editor and demonstrate them while they can pay close attention and write points whenever they want to. Some might be slow at typing so give them some time to breathe and go slow. A wiser approach is to not shower them with too many items at a time. Also, providing the complete file, alongside comments, of your presentation can help them better understand.

"¢ Asking questions

Before you go ahead explaining them everything, it is best practice to ask them questions and see what they have to say. If they can conceptualize the whole idea, the coding becomes quite easy for them. Next step is, again, to go real slow and let them catch up, asking questions along the way and ensuring if they understand it well enough.

Teaching the basics of web design and development to students who are aloof from the idea of web design in Dubai and elsewhere sounds like a tough job to do. Unless you know the tips and tricks to pull it off well enough. A bonus tip here would be to make it engaging for the students. Dubai is becoming the hub of great web design. The younger generation can contribute to the industry, but they bore out of things too quickly. It's your job as a teacher to ensure passionate minds remain so until the very end.

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Great information! If I had learned these tips earlier, then learning web design would have been much easier.