To Improve Your Accuracy, Slow Down and Work More Carefully

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To Improve Your Accuracy, Slow Down and Work More Carefully

Time is a luxury that most GMAT Focus test-takers don’t have!

Between handling a demanding job, working on applications, volunteering, and spending time with family, your week can disappear in a flash. These constraints can cause you to rush through your GMAT Focus preparation. This rushing results in careless mistakes.

When you try to calculate more quickly than your mind can process, you will undoubtedly make mistakes, and of course, the way you practice for the GMAT Focus will be reflected in the way you perform when you take the actual test.

To greatly reduce careless errors, go slowly. Take your time. Focus.

It makes little sense to spend an hour rushing through 20 problems only to get 10 of them wrong. Instead, work at the fastest pace you can while approaching the problems efficiently. Focus carefully on each problem. Remember, the goal is to gain understanding and learn how to reach correct answers, not to race through a bunch of problems.

Slowing down and working more carefully while preparing is one of the most powerful ways to improve your accuracy on the GMAT Focus.

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Scott Woodbury-Stewart
Founder & CEO, Target Test Prep