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TJ Scored 770 on the GMAT With Target Test Prep

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TJ Davison's GMAT 770 (Q48/V50) Journey!

TJ knew he had to sharpen his Math skills after seeing just a few questions on his first GMAT practice test. “I really didn’t know anything math-wise. I knew that I was in hot water, and I had a long road ahead of me.”

Thanks to a friend who had recently been accepted to Columbia Business School, TJ was encouraged to explore Target Test Prep.“I went straight into the TTP program and spent a ton of time on it,” TJ says.

“I think that my favorite thing about the TTP course was how many practice sets they have you do, and how every single problem and every problem set has a video explanation,” explains TJ.

TJ says of the GMAT, “There’s no way I could have done even 5 of the questions in the beginning,” but his hard work paid off - he scored 770 (Q48/V50).

Watch TJ's GMAT 770 journey with Target Test Prep here.

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