Tips to prepare for MBA interviews

Launched June 1, 2012
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Tips to prepare for MBA interviews

by Donna@Stratus » Fri Jan 12, 2018 7:38 am
For those who submitted R2 applications, CONGRATULATIONS! So now what.... well while you are waiting for those interview requests to roll in-- now is the time to prepare for the interview! For those of you with Skype interviews- do some extra preparation for this on this specific kind of interview- here are 5 ways to prepare now! ... nterviews/

And of course- you still need to prepare for the interview itself-- so here are some tips for the MBA interview: -- Think like an adcom member to answer the questions that are unspoken- but vital to a successful MBA interview! ... interview/
And Stratus can help you prepare for mock interviews- we have former adcom like me who can run you through a mock interview for any school- and tell you how adcom would think about your application and help you improve BEFORE the real thing! To set that up- reach out to us for a free consult at : or send me an email at [email protected] to learn more!