The Best Way To Eliminate GMAT Test-Day Anxiety | GMAT Short Video Tip

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The Best Way To Eliminate GMAT Test-Day Anxiety

Prepare, prepare, prepare! Then, after you have prepared enough, prepare some more. There is nothing better for combating test anxiety than to be so prepared that the material is no longer a source of stressful. Here is a good strategy: Don’t practice until you can get questions right; practice so much that you can’t get them wrong.

Once you know in your heart of hearts that you are properly prepared for the GMAT, the test won’t be that anxiety-provoking. In fact, it may even be enjoyable. After all, you’ll be able to put all of your hard work to good use and show the test what you’re made of!

In addition to being as comfortable as possible with GMAT content, you must be comfortable with the test-taking experience in order to reduce anxiety on GMAT test day. Achieving this level of comfort requires practice.

Watch the short video tip here: