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Hello to everyone,

I have been looking for a very good template for a resume and a curriculum vitae. There are a lot of templates in the internet but I would like to know if anyone out there has a suggestion what site specifically to get templates for a resume and a CV.

I am a still an undergrad junior and I'm applying to HBS 2+2 Program and IESE YTP. I have no experience writing a resume and a CV since in my undergrad university, internships are given in the master's level only and I have not worked full-time to write a resume. Sadly, no undergrad subjects have taught me how to write one. In this regard, I would highly appreciate if anyone has a template for a resume and a CV which has proven successful in their admission process.

Thank you very much! :D
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by VP_MBA_Guru » Tue Apr 14, 2009 6:26 pm
If you are applying to Harvard, I would try to use their 'HBS' resume template. You should be able to find online.


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Your CV/Resume is a crucial part of your HBS 2+2 application -- same goes for any other deferred admission application for top business schools. One of the things I work on most with 2+2 applicants is developing the professional experience section: while you're not expected to have extensive business experience given your status as a full-time student, we do like to use treat the internships seriously, as a way to demonstrate the abilities and exposure you've been acquiring. But balance is also very important to b-school-application resumes: we give a lot of space to community involvement, campus leadership, areas where you start showing the "habit of leadership" Harvard is looking for. These would be less prominent in a professional, post-MBA resume. So bear that in mind when using the HBS-style resume templates you can find online.

Many professional admissions consulting companies, such as Stacy Blackman Consulting, will offer resume reviews and editing on an hourly basis, which you might find helpful.
Good luck!
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