Target Test Prep Review: 590 - 730 Score Improvement!

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For those interested, I wanted to share my experience with Target Test Prep in the hopes it might help others who are considering their program for GMAT preparation. I started my GMAT journey back in late January 2021. I didn't know too much about the exam at the time other than what I learnt through taking a handful of the free practice questions from the website. I went ahead and took a diagnostic exam to see where I stood and scored a 590 (Q34/V38). After a recommendation from a friend, I paid $1 for TTP's 5 day trial and never looked back. I used TTP pretty much exclusively for Quant prep from March to June, used the OG q-bank for additional practice questions, and ended up scoring a 730 (Q47/V44).

Here's what I found most compelling about the TTP prep course:

1. TTP takes out all of the guessing game when it comes to study material. I feel very confident in saying that TTP covers every single concept the GMAT will test you on. As someone who felt absolutely overwhelmed by the multitude of study materials and sources out there, I found it incredibly comforting knowing that I would never need to piecemeal together different study products or programs in order to get a truly comprehensive approach between Verbal and Quant.

2. TTP is hyper-structured. Given how much I was struggling with Quant, I can't emphasize enough how helpful it was for me to go back to the basics and have a methodical approach in building up my foundational knowledge. TTP's readings are extremely thorough and have everything you need in order to make the transition between elementary, intermediate, and advanced concepts. Whatever your Quant goal is (whether Q45, Q48, Q51, or anything in between), I truly believe TTP can get you there if you follow it as intended and trust the process. One comment on this: whatever your target score is, I would recommend setting your desired Quant Score to "Expert +" otherwise some crucial readings will be excluded from the study plan.

3. Target Test Prep is super cost effective. To be honest I didn't spend too much time comparing prices between different prep providers because TTP's 5-day trial gave me all the confidence I needed to know that it was a great value-proposition. IMO the $299 for 4 months or $399 for 6 months is a no-brainer.

Summary Thoughts:

* Superb Prep material -- long but very thorough
* Highly structured course that outlines exactly what you need to do
* Extensive Q-bank with questions that I personally thought were close to the feel of the real GMAT q's
* Small team that does their best to respond in a timely fashion and provide advice
* Didn't spend too much time with the Verbal readings but found the practice questions helpful in getting reps
* Fantastic value-to-cost, if not the best on the market


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Wow, 570 to 730!! Such a great score improvement! I'm also thrilled to hear how much you enjoyed TTP., We've worked very hard on TTP, so I'm overjoyed to read this post. Thank you for sharing and good luck with things moving forward.

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