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:wave: Hello, my friends at Beat The GMAT!

The Target Test Prep flash sale is ending today, so this is your final chance to save 15% on our GMAT plans. Use the coupon code FLASH15 at checkout to save up to $240 on your GMAT prep.

The Target Test Prep course represents a quantum leap forward in GMAT preparation, a radical reinterpretation of the way that students should study.

Developing a deep mastery of GMAT content may take some time, and our course will certainly ask you to put in the effort. In return, the course will provide you with the concepts, skills, strategies, tools, and techniques necessary for earning an impressive GMAT score.

In fact, more and more Target Test Prep students are scoring super high on the GMAT.

Jay Scored 790 on His First GMAT Attempt

Jay scored an incredible 790 (Q51/V49) on his first GMAT attempt, after just 2 months of studying with TTP. “You see exactly what you need to do every day, so you can just focus on the studying part,” Jay says. He tells his inspiring story here.

Dalal Improved Her GMAT Score from 250 to 780

Using TTP, Dalal increased her GMAT score by a phenomenal 530 points, from 250 (Q7/V15) to 780 (Q50/V47). “I was amazed by how simple and fun their program was,” Dalal says. “They made jumping into studying effortless.” Learn about her GMAT journey here.

Isaac Scored 790 on His First GMAT Attempt

Isaac earned an outstanding 790 (Q51/V49) on test day. "The format that TTP uses is amazing,” Isaac says. “Having a clear progression of things to do really helped." He tells his GMAT story here.

Karn Scored 780 on His First GMAT Attempt

Karn scored an amazing 780 (Q50/V48) on his first GMAT attempt. “I owe a big part of my achievement to the Target Test Prep online self-study course,” Karn says. Check out his live interview here.

Connor Scored 780 on His First GMAT Attempt

Connor scored an impressive GMAT 780 (Q50/V48) on his first attempt. “TTP laid out really clearly and concisely what I needed to do to get the score I wanted,” says Connor. Check out his live interview here.

Ajay Improved His GMAT Score from 540 to 770

Ajay improved his GMAT score by 230 points with TTP, scoring an impressive GMAT 770 (Q49/V46). In this interview, he discusses the ups and downs of his GMAT journey and how having the right study resource made all the difference.

Jacob Scored 770 on His First GMAT Attempt

Jacob scored an outstanding GMAT 770 (Q50/V44) on his first attempt. In this live interview, he discusses his GMAT study plan and techniques and how TTP helped him achieve his 770 score.

Now is the perfect time to join the many GMAT students who made the switch to Target Test Prep and surpassed their wildest expectations on test day. If they can do it, so can you!

Our flash sale ends tomorrow. Grab your discount before it’s too late, or try before you buy with a 5-day, full-access trial of the course for just $1.

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