Profile Evaluation request (TIA)

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Profile Evaluation request (TIA)

by san91 » Fri Sep 30, 2016 10:34 pm

I am planning to apply for 2018-20 batch and would like to have your insight on the kind of colleges that would best suit my profile.Following is a brief overview of my resume:

Nationality- Indian
Gender- Male
Xth- 92.4%
XIIth - 90.25%
Undergrad- B.E. in Power Engineering from Jadavpur University (Best Ranked in my State and ranked within the top 20 Engineering colleges in the country). (CGPA- 8.37/10 which would roughly be 3.4/4 in US scale)
TOEFL- 112
GMAT- Yet to take

Other Courses:
1. Business Specialization Course - Wharton Online
2. Entrepreneurship Specialization Course- Wharton Online

Work Exp
1. Worked as an Associate Applications Developer with Oracle Financial Services (Oct 2014-2016) being a core part of the ethical hacking team.

2. Currently the Founder of my own Ed-tech startup. ( 4 months- present)

Volunteer Experience - Involved for 3 years (2011-2014) with a local non-profit organization teaching underprivileged children.

Extra C:
1. Event Co-ordinator at the Annual Cultural fest of my University.
2. Formed my own dance-troupe during college and have won various inter college dabce events.
3. Participated and won in various intra-school and inter school events (debate, science events etc.)

Highlights in my Resume:

- The training course after my 3rd year in college ( from National Power Training Institute) changed my career path where the turbines and boilers seemed to have a less impact on me than the softwares that managed the load distribution across the state. This experience, coupled with a project that I had worked on in my final year made me realize that I would be more interested to work in an IT field than the one in my undergrad majors.

- I was a co-founder of a freelancing company during my college years (unregistered) aimed at providing tech solutions to small scale businesses. We had to shut shop as we ran out of funding that we had gathered from friends and family.

- I recently took the Common Admission Test (CAT) examination, the entrance exam to Indian B-schools. I achieved a percentile score of 99.29 with admits from quite a few IIMs.

I am planning to take up GMAT in the next 4-5 months and would like to aim for the top 10 B-schools in USA ( dream colleges - Harvard, Wharton, Stanford, Booth, Kellogg, Sloan). It would be great if you can mention a target score for these schools and also the realistic chances for me to get through to these places ( or the best possible colleges that I can aim for with my profile.)


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by MargaretStrother » Fri Oct 21, 2016 11:18 am
A target GMAT should be at or above the median for the schools you're applying to. So for HBS, that means 730 or above. However, that's only one component of the application. You will also want to build up some differentiation, particularly in the areas of community leadership and international exposure. Right now your profile is excellent, but it is also similar to a lot of other high-performing peers from your region, so for your dream schools, we really need to see some unique leadership involvements. We'd also like to see your goals: top schools are looking for top leaders, so you'll want to be thinking about not only who will hire you immediately post-MBA but also about your long-term vision: how to you plan to add value to the school's brand by being a leader that future applicants will want to emulate?

Good luck,
Margaret Strother
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