Study Strategy Feedback Appreciated

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Study Strategy Feedback Appreciated

by schelljo » Mon Jul 27, 2015 8:02 pm
I have identified sentence and quant as my two largest weaknesses. I just scored a 570 for my CAT. Does it make sense to do the following.

1. Complete two sentence correction chapters a week out of MGMAT.
2. Complete a Quant chapter at a time during the same time period.

I would be complete by early September and would then take a CAT to determine where to focus my energy next. My goal is to have a score close to 600. It is acceptable for me to take the test by the end of October and am just focused on applying by R2 which for many schools is in November and December.

My current study plan has been to average 2-3 hours a night Monday-Thursday with Friday nights off. On weekends, average 4-5 hours of study a day.
As I am going through each MGMAT strategy guide I am taking my own notes and typing them to eliminate redundant review as well as flashcards.

Any advice anyone can give is greatly appreciated.


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by [email protected] » Mon Jul 27, 2015 10:49 pm
Hi schelljo,

Assuming that you took the FULL CAT in a realistic and test-like fashion, your 570 could have very easily have been a 600. Thus, it's important to do a full review of that CAT, noting the little mistakes and defining what you could have done better.

Moving forwards with your studies, Inter-weaving your Quant and Verbal studies is a good idea; that doesn't mean that you necessarily have to work on both areas each day that you study, but putting some time into both each week should be beneficial.

As far as taking your CATs, you should NOT wait until early September to take your next CAT. By taking FULL-LENGTH CATs at regular intervals (1 CAT every 1-2 weeks), you can track your progress and define/'fix' any little problems that arise.

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by ReasonGMAT » Wed Jul 29, 2015 8:13 am
I would also add that in addition to using the MGMAT books (or any study guide) you should supplement that with OG questions or official questions from some other source. So when you go through a SC chapter in the MGMAT book you should then turn to some real SC questions to make sure that you can apply the knowledge on actual GMAT questions.
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