Strategies for Balancing GMAT Preparation with Full-Time Work

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Hi everyone,

I'm currently working full-time and gearing up to tackle the GMAT in the coming months. Balancing work commitments with GMAT preparation has been quite a challenge, and I'm sure many of you can relate. I'd love to hear about the strategies and tips that have helped you juggle work and study effectively.

Personally, I've found that setting aside dedicated study blocks during evenings and weekends has been helpful. I also make use of my commute time by listening to GMAT podcasts or reviewing flashcards. However, I'm still struggling to find the right balance and maximize my study efficiency.

If you're in a similar situation or have successfully navigated the demands of work and GMAT prep, I'd greatly appreciate any advice or insights you can share. Let's support each other on this journey towards GMAT success!
I really hope we can discuss more with each other

Looking forward to hearing your experiences.