Should I retake the GMAT..?

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Should I retake the GMAT..?

by kprachi » Thu Nov 19, 2015 4:49 pm
Hi, I am 28 and have 6 years of work ex. in Marketing Communications and Market Research, and have entrepreneurial experience as well. I moved from India, to Texas a year back, and work with a Media PR startup in Austin.

I appeared for the GMAT the first time and scored 680 (made up of raw scores of Q39, V42). However there was a percentile discrepancy - 42% in quant, and 96% in verbal. (My IR score was 8/8, AWA 5.5/6). One of the colleges in my option pool clearly mentioned requiring a 50th percentile or more in both Q and V. And I assumed my top priority college might also look at that low Quant score negatively (there was no way of being sure, so I decided to retake).

Today I reappeared and scored a 670, although I have for the time being accepted this score and reported it ahead). My percentiles are now more balanced - Quant 65%(raw score Q45), Verbal 84% (raw score V37). Although my IR took a massive hit going to 5/8 (53%).

My top priority is getting into McCombs, UT Austin, for an MBA. My focus had been to get a better balance between my Verbal and Quant, which I have achieved. I'm not sure though if I should still try and take another shot at the GMAT in 20days.

I would be ever so obliged if someone could guide me with the following:
1. How important is the IR score?
2. Considering I have no qualms studying a 3rd time, and the R2 deadlines I am eligible for begin Jan 12 (for courses of my choice), a mid December retake seems well timed?
3. Is it futile to take the exam a 3rd time ONLY AND ONLY with McCombs in mind? (My score conveniently qualifies me for the other programs I am interested in). McCombs profiles their class' avg. GMAT at 692 right now. Is a 670 a major hit??

I hope to hear from you guys.

Thank you.



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by CriticalSquareMBA » Sun Dec 20, 2015 1:59 pm
I think retaking the GMAT is the right move. Given that we are in the tail end of the year, how has your prep gone? Did you already retake?
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