Should I retake GMAT with sub-80th percentile Quant?

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Dear Admissions Consultants,

Should I retake the GMAT? Am very concerned with the sub-80th percentile quant score (plus slightly below-mean scores at my target schools), but am also keenly aware of the effort needed for essays etc since I am targeting Round 1 deadlines. Is it worth postponing to Round 2 for this?

Also, how important is the GMAT when it comes to applying for Management Consulting/I-Banking positions post-MBA?

Here's my profile....

GMAT: 700(90%): Q79% V89% on first attempt.

College: Second class upper in Engineering from a well-known UK top-10 university (happen to know what GPA would my degree grade translate to?)

Work: 5 years experience in a Fortune 500 company in Asia as an Engineer (I also originate from here. Note: not India). Have taken on technical leadership roles.

EC: Was in the committee of a student society in university.
Have taken some minor leadership role in the local church (should I mention this?) since graduation, but not much else.

Target schools: Harvard/Wharton/Stanford/INSEAD.

Thank you!

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by VP_MBA_Guru » Sat Jun 20, 2009 8:41 am
I would recommend retaking the GMAT only if you believe you can score 30-40 points higher than your original score. Otherwise, will not make a significant different. Breaking the 700 mark is a good start for top programs.

Most MC/IBs do not ask for GMAT scores. And once you are in the MBA program, you can find ways to better position yourself for those careers (in case you are worried about them asking about your GMAT) For example, if you are interested in Consulting, you can practice case interviews, join the Consulting Club, network with alumni, etc.


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