Confused and bmbed the GMAT--Help Needed

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Confused and bmbed the GMAT--Help Needed

by deepak4mba » Sat Oct 10, 2009 10:24 am
I have taken GMAT twice. First one, I scored 580 (Q44,V27) and second time 620 (Q47,V28).
First time, I was not well on the day of the exam and it showed its effect on the score but the second time it was completely disaster. I was scoring well in a range of 660-690 in the CATs but could not hold my nerve in the real test. I am sure I have the ability to get the 700+ score and i need that score to break into my DREAM school.
My queries are:
1. Would taking the GMAT third time will be taken negatively by the B-Schools?
2. How can I improve my stamina and test nerbousness?
3. What should be the re-prepare strategy for the test, considering I need t build on my verbal?

As for background, 3+ yrs of IT exp., Indian IT Male, lot of social work exposure, lot of extra-curricular like member of a city theater group (done stage shows), Plays keyboard and many more.

Thanks for your views and help.

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Do you have a nice bank Statement which has equivilent of two years tution + living of your dream school? Cornell, INSEAD, London Business School, Stanford, Kellogs, Harvard, Columbia, Duke...and so on....