Shameless Plug for TTP - just helped me go 630 to 770 and I owe them

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Started out with Manhattan Prep's All The GMAT. It was nice having solid paper books to leaf through, but overall didn't help much. Took the Official Test 1 and got 690, then two Manhattan Prep practice tests and got 630/620. Big range, was very disheartened. Their web portal is also hot garbage so I literally took off 6 months of studying rather than deal with it.

When I came back, I decided to try TTP to at least improve my Quant and maybe hit 700. Blitzed through the whole TTP program in a little under a month (thank goodness for COVID work from home) and then took the real test.

Got a 770, 49 Q 47 V.

Did TTP help me Quant? Absolutely, really solidified my math knowledge and let me settle into the test.
Did TTP help my Verbal? Indirectly, but a LOT. It took a ton of pressure of my mind by helping me feel comfortable with the test, and included a ton of very helpful tips and tricks to the overall test that factored in huge on test day.

Manhattan Prep's CAT's sucked. Were unclear. Confused me. Made me take 6 months off studying. Were entirely irrelevant to the actual GMAT.

TTP saved my ass and might get me into an M7.

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Congratulations. Thanks for sharing.


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Hi James,

You crushed the GMAT!! Congrats on a great score and thank you for sharing.

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