Shall I retake the GMAT? Is Magoosh worth all the hype?

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Dear Family,

I took my GMAT this April (old format) and got a 640(V31 Q47) AWA-5.5 IR-5. I have already taken coaching from a reputed GMAT institute in India and I am well aware of all the concepts. I have issues while applying the concepts! I took three GMAT prep tests
Prep 1 :720(V41 Q48) - Felt most of the questions were repeated, I had already seen many questions as a part of my practice
Prep 2 :690(V37 Q48) - Few questions repeated
Prep 5 :670(V33 Q49) - Very few questions repeated
All the practice tests I gave, Quant was never an issue, though I worked really hard to maintain my Quant score but could never get beyond 85% accuracy; I am not good at Math. I have serious issues with RC and CR. I just couldn't learn the elimination strategy in CR and couldn't attain accuracy while attempting RCs. Till the end, I wasn't able to manage my timing on the GMAT, particularly Verbal. And this is what ruined my actual GMAT. I spent too much time on the RC's and had to guess a lot many questions in the end (around 7 8) to complete the test on time. Simple quant questions also gave me chills of a nightmare, I was super nervous when I took the exam. In fact, the exam anxiety had me overwhelmed two weeks prior to the GMAT.

I am targeting really good schools, too ambitious for my score and profile. LBS, Rotman- Univ of Toronto, Ivey-Western Univ, Schulich- York Univ. (I intend to stay in Canada and LBS is one of my dream school).

My profile :
4 years of IT work-ex ( past 6months-present: techno functional role in Supply Chain Management ; 3.5years-Technical role in Banking Domain )
B.Tech in Electronics and Communications 85.11%
12th 86.75%
10th 91.6%
Extra Curriculars - Vocal Music and Dance
Engagement in a few events here and there throughout school, college, work ( compere/participant/organizer)

I realize my GMAT score is going to be a big handicap in my application as I belong to the pool of Indian IT engineers with no such spike in my profile! How do I prepare now? I need to get over that 700 mark! I have lost my confidence, and I just don't seen to perform well. I need to start afresh. I don't blame the coaching I took but I feel something was missing with my prep there. I am a working professional and spend close to 13hours outside the home everyday. I have time to study only on the weekends. I have researched and have gathered really good reviews about Magoosh GMAT prep. Hence, I am planning to go ahead with Magoosh premium subscription(provision to study on mobile as well), prepare for 3 months and take a reshot at GMAT. I have to complete my entire application for Round1s so I need to be ready with everything by September. What are your views? Do you think Magoosh can help me? Shall I try with my 640 or go with second attempt? What different can I do? How do I improve time, RC and CR esp. ! Thank you guys for your answers. I really appreciate your time. :)


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by [email protected] » Wed May 23, 2018 9:02 pm
Hi icim,

To start, a 640/Q47 is a solid score (it's around the 75th percentile overall), so it could be enough to get you into Business School. For Admissions-specific questions, you should discuss your profile and application plans with an Admissions Expert. There's a forum full of those Experts here: ... t-f40.html

As far as your GMAT studies are concerned, you might consider purchasing the Enhanced Score Report. While the ESR doesn't provide a lot of information, there are usually a few data points that we can use to define what you should work on to score higher. If you purchase the ESR, then I'll be happy to analyze it for you.

Since you took the GMAT in the old format, the next logical step would be for you to take a NEW FULL-LENGTH CAT in the new, shorter format so we can see how you perform under those conditions. It's important to take it in a realistic fashion (take the FULL CAT - with the Essay and IR sections, take it away from your home, at the same time of day as when you'll take the Official GMAT and make sure that it's a CAT with questions that you have NOT seen before). Once you have that score, you should report back here and we can discuss how best to proceed.

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