Sentence Correction - Style, Subject-Verb Agreement, Tenses

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- Subject-Verb Agreement - Part I: Learn the basic principle of subject-verb agreement, and learn how to handle collective nouns as well as phrases and clauses functioning as subjects.

- Subject-Verb Agreement - Part II: Learn how to handle subject-verb agreement issues related to indefinite pronouns.

- Verb Tense - Intro and Simple Tenses: Learn how to identify and use simple tenses.

- Verb Tense - Progressive Tenses: Learn how to identify and use progressive tenses.

- Verb Tense - Perfect Tenses: Learn how to identify and use perfect tenses.

- Conditional Sentences: Learn the structure of 3 types of conditional sentence.

- Concision: Learn how to use fewer words and how to avoid ambiguous words.

- Active and Passive Sentences: Learn how to identify passive sentences and how to turn them into active sentences.

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by Saya Charming » Fri Nov 18, 2016 8:35 pm
Thanks for sharing.. Helps a lot for newbies. Do you have videos related to Words and Flash cards?
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