Sentence Correction (SC) - General Concepts and Strategies

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- Introduction to Sentence Correction: Learn the basic structure of GMAT Sentence Correction questions, and learn some important considerations when checking the answer choices.

- Sentence Correction General Strategy: Learn the general strategy for tackling GMAT Sentence Correction questions, and watch a demonstration of the technique.

- Parts of Speech - The Basics: Learn the roles played by nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs and prepositions.

- Grammar Tidbit - Linking Verbs: Learn about modifiers that follow linking verbs.

- Grammar Tidbit - Hopefully and Other Adverbs: Learn when it's appropriate to use certain adverbs such as "hopefully."

- Parts of Speech - Subjects and Objects: Learn how to identify subjects and objects in a sentence.

- Parts of Speech - Clauses: Learn how to recognize a clause, learn two types of clauses, and learn how to handle two or more independent clauses in the same sentence.

- Grammar Tidbit - Gerunds: Learn how to recognize a gerund.

- Parts of Speech - Phrases: Learn how to recognize a phrase, and examine 5 types of phrases.

- Participles: Learn what a participle is, and learn about two types of participles (present and past).

- Removing the "Fluff": Learn how to interpret complicated sentences by eliminating or ignoring the "fluff."

- Question Types: Watch a brief overview of the types of Sentence Correction errors/questions that you'll find on the GMAT.

- General Sentence Correction Tips: Learn some general tips to consider when tacking that Sentence Correction questions.

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