Sentence Correction - Parallelism, Comparisons, Pronouns

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- Pronouns - Part I: Learn about 3 types of personal pronouns, and learn some things to watch out for when dealing with pronouns.

- Pronouns - Part II: Learn how demonstrative pronouns work, and learn a possible exception regarding ambiguous antecedents.

- Parallelism - Part I: Learn how to identify the need for parallelism, and how to achieve parallelism with correlative conjunctions.

- Parallelism - Part II: Learn how to handle parallelism issues related to relative clauses.

- Parallelism - Part III: Learn some exceptions to the rule that says similar elements in a series must be expressed in similar form.

- Parallelism - Part IV: Learn how to take a complex sentence and make it parallel.

- Comparisons - Part I: Learn how to recognize comparisons, and learn how to create logical comparisons.

- Comparisons - Part II: Learn how to use placeholders, and learn how to omit words in comparisons.

- Comparisons - Part III - "like" vs. "as": Learn strategies for determining when to use "like," "as" and "such as."

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