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Sehar's Journey to GMAT 730 with V49 Using Target Test Prep

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Sehar's Journey to GMAT 730 with V49

Sehar was a newbie to the GMAT world and wanted to find the most effective, reliable GMAT prep course out there, so she made sure to do her research and listen to the experiences of other test-takers before settling on a study resource.

“Obviously there are a ton of courses out there, but a lot of them have more mixed reviews,” Sehar says. “But TTP had consistently positive reviews.”

After reading many reviews and watching YouTube testimonials, Sehar knew that the Target Test Prep GMAT Course was the right choice. “I knew I wanted a comprehensive course that would really build a good foundation,” Sehar says.

Sehar’s decision to study with TTP paid off, and she reached her GMAT score goal of 730 on her first test attempt.

“I would definitely highly recommend TTP,” Sehar says. “It helped me even go beyond my expectations of what I could achieve on the GMAT. It truly is a course made for anyone.”

In this YouTube debrief, Sehar discusses her GMAT study plan and techniques and how TTP’s course helped him achieve an impressive 730 GMAT score.

Watch Sehar's GMAT journey with Target Test Prep here.

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