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Hi, I plan to apply for the fall 2014 intake and here's my profile: GMAT: 690(Q 49 V 34) (Haven't got my official scorecard yet) Indian Male aged 24 3 yrs (37 months) experience in IT sector. Working as a software consultant for Accenture. Have a GPA of 3.1 as an Undergraduate. And, as far as the e...

That would help for sure! Good luck and let me know if you need any formal help.


Basso, My pleasure. Kellogg will not be easy with that score either. I have seen folks get interviews with 650 at Columbia and Booth recently but they fell out of the process either with a ding or left on the waitlist. But that suggests there is some hope, and with better interviews it could have ha...

Basso, I think you have a very well-rounded profile, and you should have no problem finding juicy essay topics. It also sounds like you have done a solid amount of research on the MBA process and key admissions metrics. So, you know that the experts are going to say.... Yes, you can potentially get ...

Yes with some solid essays you have a chance. Almost 25% of their part time class is from engineering/research. Your GMAT is going to be on the lower end, but you are still competitive and your gpas are strong. Will your company be sponsoring your studies? If so, that is always a great signal to the...

Go to Baruch. It is a fine school and why put your development on hold given you hou have made your best run at the GMAT. Do well there and network to secure a great post MBA job. And that's what most gets your career going----performance. The other thing I have noticed it that at times the alumni n...

by PrepMBA.AlexLeventhal

Mon Jul 08, 2013 9:37 am
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Though this process is not purely scores/grades driven, that GPA does put you in a tough position at the top schools, and call center sales is not a very common MBA feeder job. It is great that you have a promotion into sales management and schools will like your Egyptian profile. All this said, I f...

I am happy to talk to all applying to INSEAD. I have had clients get in each of the last three admissions seasons, and the essays are quite demanding. INSEAD is actually a great application to work on because it will help you think about an array of questions, and will prove useful as you move on to...

by PrepMBA.AlexLeventhal

Fri Jul 05, 2013 4:34 pm
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devans Rather than repeat any of the good advice that my peer has given, I would push as to why you really want to go now. The MBA experience is generally participatory, and you can add true value to the program and absorb to the extent that you have real work experience in a functional area or two....

Yes it's true that your age may be an issue and that the very top schools don't take a ton of lawyers, but with your stats you have every right to apply to the very top schools. And the application process is not purely algorithmic---the personal energy and insight you bring into the essays and inte...

There are lawyers in every class and some have had business experience and others have not. With a 750 and 3.86 undergrad I think you can find a top 15 program that will admit you. Of course I would need to look at your entire profile (what you did prior to Law School, extra curriculars, career plan...

Vish- I believe folks worry way too much about R1 vs R2. True that in R1 no seats on the bus have been taken and adcoms segment and compare folks by profile type. But your chances are much more diminished by rushing. I track results in my own business and there is little statistical difference R1 vs...

by PrepMBA.AlexLeventhal

Thu Jun 27, 2013 12:01 pm
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I don't want to clog the blog with repeated advice. So don't worry about your gmat, but do be realistic about schools. Apply to schools below Stern and Duke in the rankings as well as I don't view you as a high probability candidate there, particularly given your IT profile. Look at schools that are...

by PrepMBA.AlexLeventhal

Thu Jun 27, 2013 11:53 am
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Petur, Un saludo desde Los Angeles. Vivi en Madrid durante 3 anos trabajando en Johnson & Johnson antes de HBS. Siempre es un placer dar consejo a los Espanoles! Your work experience is very solid. Has it all been for the same large company? It will be important to highlight how many people have rep...

There is no penalty for taking the GMAT again so keep going with your preparation. The second time around you will likely be more psychologically ready and will know what the experience is like--which can be an "out of body" experience for some the first time around:) 650 as an engineer with no gene...

by PrepMBA.AlexLeventhal

Thu Jun 20, 2013 7:06 pm
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