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Veritas Free CAT redeem

Hi, I completed the 100 points on the platform and wanted to redeem the points for 7 free CAT's using the offer present right now. I followed the process and it's been a week and no response from the BTG admin on it. Anyway I can contact him/her

by ravinikhil

Thu Sep 17, 2020 6:14 am
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Re: Sentence Correction(700 level)

Everything from THAT to WORKERS is modifying the noun INDUSTRIES. So what do we have? Industries THAT x and THAT y. What are our x and y?
x = ARE clean and fast-growing
y = PAY good wages

C is the answer

by ravinikhil

Thu Sep 10, 2020 8:08 am
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Topic: Sentence Correction(700 level)
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Re: Sentence Correction(700 level)

two actions are there on these questions.
first, the initial belief that wealth was less
and second that the belief was wrong
hence we have to use the word 'had' to denote the action which is more in past.
hence answer is E.

by ravinikhil

Thu Sep 10, 2020 8:05 am
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Topic: Sentence Correction(700 level)
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Re: Sentence Correction(700 level)

IMO the answer is E
first, it has to be 'increases'.
secondly, it has to be stamina levels, levels of stamina is wordy and passive.

by ravinikhil

Thu Sep 10, 2020 7:55 am
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Topic: Sentence Correction(700 level)
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Re: For which of the following values of n is \((-0.5)^n\) the greatest?

Remember, any value in decimal, when the power is applied its absolute value decreases. for 0.5 > 0.5^2. here, because of the negative sign, it gives the question another twist! now a positive sign will always be greater than negative !! negative to the power even nos will be positive right! so here...

Re: If Steve’s original salary is increased by 5 percent and then, 3 months later, his salary is increased again by 20 p

Remember this formula for successive percentage calculation.
for eg
first, the percentage increase is x% and then further increase is y%,
then the overall increase will be calculated as :
x + y + x*y/100.
here x is 5, y is 20.
ans: 5 + 20 + (5*20)/100
hence 5 + 20 + 1
ans is 26.

Re: Paul sells encyclopedias door-to-door. He earns $160 on every paycheck, regardless of how many sets he sells. In add

Let's just say, he earned 1320$ on his best month now he will get 160$ regardless of what he sells, so let's subtract that amount to get the sales idea. so now 1320 - 160 = 1160$ now since the money remaining is greater than 1000$ meaning he has earned a full 10% on his sales commission. hence he at...

Re: In the multiplication above, \(\#\) represents a single digit. What digit does \(\#\) represent?

The final number must be of the form 2 XX0 and must be a divisible by 510. since both the nos involved have 0 at the end , lets divide both by 10 and get rid of the extra 0's. thus the no now is 2XX and 51. now lets just add 51, 51,102,153,204,255. bingo ! we get 255 which is of the form 2XX. Hence ...

Re: In the figure above, square \(ABCD\) has an area of \(25.\) What is the area of the circle with center \(O?\)

ABCD is a square with area 25. now let side length be a. hence a^2 = 25 ie a = 5. Now, a= AD = 5. Imagine drawing a line from O to X which is on AD and bisects it in half. Now consider AOX triangle here AX is 5/2 in length, since ABCD is a square , hence angle OAD will be 45 degrees. Now OA cos 45 =...