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Re: According to a study, after a week of high-altitude living,

[spoiler][/spoiler] Here is how I approached this question: A: Clear line here saying that decrease in oxygen decreases appetite which could decrease a person's intake, reducing weight B: Does not explain why it is oxygen causes a decrease in weight C: Actually opposite to the argument, that would b...

Re: How to improve from V37 to v40+

Hi David, Thank you very much for your advice. In terms of your reading advice, do you have any particular sources that are worthwhile? I find that reading high-quality newspapers and non-fiction does help for SC and possibly CR, but are not sufficiently challenging for RC. When reading, should one ...

by dhanush4235346

Mon Sep 14, 2020 8:01 pm
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Topic: How to improve from V37 to v40+
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