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Re: If each month, Gandalf spends \(\$1400\) of his earnings on food, how much does he save every month?

Let total earnings = x Target question: how much does he save every month? Statement 1: Gandalf spends 1/4th of his earnings on rent, 1/2 of his earnings he saves, and the remaining amount he spends on food. $$rent=\frac{1x}{4};\ savings\ =\ \frac{1x}{2}$$ $$Amount\ spent\ on\ food=x-\frac{x}{4}-\fr...

Re: The sum of the ages of Lindsey and Meghan is y, and Lindsey is exactly 9 years older than Meghan. Natalie is how man

Let Lindsey's age = L Let Meghan's age = m Let Natalie's age = n L + M = y - - - eqn (1) L = M + 9 - - - eqn (2) Target question => Natalie is how many years older than Meghan? i.e What's n-m? Statement 1: In y years, Meghan will be exactly three times as old as Natalie is now. m + y = 3n - - - eqn ...

Re: A dog is tied to a tree by a long nylon cord. If the dog runs from the due North side of the tree to the due South s

The dog runs from the North side to the South side of the tree (semi-circle) with the cord to its full length at all times. The dog runs approximately 30 feet. Target question: what was the approximate length of the nylon cord, in feet? $$Circumference\ of\ a\ fall\ circle=2\pi r$$ $$Circumference\ ...

Re: \(\dfrac{2\frac35-1\frac23}{\frac23-\frac35}\)

Answer = option B

by deloitte247

Sat Sep 26, 2020 6:18 pm
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Topic: \(\dfrac{2\frac35-1\frac23}{\frac23-\frac35}\)
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Re: If 2x - 3y = 6, then 6y - 4x =

Given to that 2x - 3y = 6
What is the value of 6y - 4x?
From 2x - 3y = 6 --- eqn (1)
Multiplying both sides of Eqn. 1 by 2, we have
4x - 6y = 12
-12 = 6y - 4x
6y - 4x = -12
From the above, the value of 6y - 4x = -12. Hence, the correct answer is option A.

by deloitte247

Sat Sep 26, 2020 12:39 pm
Forum: Problem Solving
Topic: If 2x - 3y = 6, then 6y - 4x =
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Re: In \(1991,\) the price of a house was \(80\%\) of its original price. In \(1992,\) the price of the house was \(60\%

Let original price = x In 1991, price = 80% of x = 0.8x In 1992, price = 60% of x = 0.6x By what percent did the price of the house decreased from 1991 to 1992 $$\%decrease=\frac{0.8x-0.6x}{0.8x}\cdot\frac{100}{1}$$ $$\%decrease=\frac{0.2x}{0.8x}\cdot\frac{100}{1}=0.25\cdot100=25\%$$ Answer = option B

Re: If \(a?b = 3a^2 + 2b - 1,\) then \(2?3 =\)

Answer = B

by deloitte247

Fri Sep 25, 2020 6:31 pm
Forum: Problem Solving
Topic: If \(a?b = 3a^2 + 2b - 1,\) then \(2?3 =\)
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Re: A box contains balls that are either yellow, black, or brown in color. One ball is chosen at random from the box. Is

Target question: Is the probability that the chosen ball is black greater than 3/4? I.e Is the probability of choosing black ball = 3/4? Statement 1: The probability that the chosen ball is not brown is less than 2/5. If the ball is not brown, then it is black or yellow. Therefore, the probability o...

Re: Anthony can purchase bagels at \(\$1.99\) for a specialty bagel and \(\$15.99\) for a package of one dozen plain bag

1 specialty bagel = $1.99 1 dozen plain bagel = $15.99 Target question: Did Anthony purchase any plain bagels. Statement 1: Anthony spent less than $32.00 If Anthony spent less than $32.00, there is a probability of buying specialty bagels only or buying a dozen plain bagels only. Since there is not...

Re: The United States has by far the highest murder rate of any industrialized country, and it is one of the few countri

Answer choice A - Incorrect This is incorrect - we cannot be so sure, according to the passage, if other countries enforce their laws more rigorously than the United States because the United States is also included 'among the few countries' that lack rigorous gun-control laws. Answer choice B - Co...

Re: At a medical convention attended only by pediatricians and general surgeons, 40 percent of the 250 pediatricians in

Given that: Male pediatricians = 40% of 250 = 100 Total pediatricians = 250 Male surgeons = 60% of s = 0.6s Female surgeons = 40% of s = 0.4s Female pediatricians = 60% of 250 = 150 Target question => How many people were at the convention? Statement 1: The ratio of male pediatricians to female gene...

Re: A foreign language club at Washington Middle School consists of \(n\) students, \(\dfrac25\) of whom are boys. All o

$$Total\ number\ of\ \ students=n$$ $ $$Total\ number\ of\ boys\ =\ \frac{2}{5}\ n$$ $$Number\ of\ girls=total\ students-boys$$ $$=\frac{1}{1}n-\frac{2}{5}n=\frac{5n-2n}{5}=\frac{3n}{5}$$ $$Number\ of\ girls\ studying\ \operatorname{span}ish\ =\ \frac{1}{3}\cdot\frac{3n}{5}=\frac{1n}{5}$$ $$Number\ ...

Re: A farmer who grows strawberries defines a "workday yield" as the number of liters of strawberries that a worker is

[b]Working yield =[/b] number of liters of strawberries that a worker is required to pick per day [b]Target question =>[/b] How many workers must the farmers hire to pick the entire expected crop of strawberries in 15 calendar days [b]Statement 1 =>[/b] A workday yield is 45 liters 1 worker is expec...

Re: (Algebra)The products of x and \(\frac {7}{15}\), as well as of x and \(\frac{41}{12}\) are positive integers.

$$x\cdot\frac{7}{15}=\frac{7}{15}x\ and\ x\cdot\frac{41}{12}=\frac{41}{12}x$$ $$What\ is\ the\ smallest\ possible\ value\ of\ x?$$ $$going\ through\ all\ available\ options\ one\ after\ the\ other$$ $$if\ x=\frac{7}{60}\ \ for\ \ \frac{7}{15}x$$ $$\frac{7}{15}\cdot\frac{7}{60}=\frac{14}{900}$$ $$thi...