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Question regarding # of clients mentioned in webinar.

In your webinar tonight you mentioned that your consultants are full time, yet you also stated that they are only working with 5-6 clients each cycle. I would assume the typical package would be 3-4 schools so it would bring in maybe $5K each for the consultants. If the consultants are only doing 5-...

Consultant load and company setup?

I noticed you only list 4 consultants on your site, and I am wondering why most other firms I see have 10+ consultants? Does your firm take on fewer clients? Do your consultants have many more clients per consultant? Does the consultant do all of the work, or do they have support staff? Please elabo...

by MRharris14

Sat Jun 30, 2012 11:03 am
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Topic: Consultant load and company setup?
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Just a note on an early experience with Knewton: I just took the first CAT and ran into a very similar reading. I missed very few questions but my score was a 650. This is drastically different than Manhattan, which shows you the score range as you proceed through the questions and where I have scor...