Screwed up my GMAT online ! Need help

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Screwed up my GMAT online ! Need help

by Niteen » Mon Sep 07, 2020 1:26 am
Hi guys,

I took my GMAT exam today at 1AM IST. Though the scores have not come yet but I know I have screwed up.

Quants: I was not able to understand the questions at all, still not sure what happened as I was consistently scoring between 48-51 in official mocks. I was completely blank after seeing the first question (which I was able to solve after my exam was over). I don't know why but the first question shook my morale and I became too nervous. When the quant section was over I knew it did not go well.

Verbal: This section is still a mystery to me because of the happenings in last 15 days. When I took my 1st official mock and scored 600 (Q48, V23), I realised I had to work on my Critical Reasoning. Then after few days I took a mock again and scored a 650 (Q49, V28), cool a little improvement. CR and RC still needed a little work. I tried following "read slowly" approach in CR and RC to understand it well and I think it worked as my next non offical mock score was 670 but this time I had screwed up Sentence correction. I visited sentence correction basics, solved about 50-70 OG questions and then took the official mock 2 days before my actual exam and score a 700(Q51, V33) (took it at 1AM as per my booked time). I was elated as out of 14 Sentence Correction questions only 2 were wrong. CR had 9 questions out of which 6 or 7 were correct. I RC wasn't up to the mark but that was mostly because I was not able to read the last passage at all because of the time constraint and guessed all the questions in it and as expected all 4 were wrong. Also, I was not able to complete the verbal part (time expired when I had 1 question left). So overall, I was quite satisfied with the score. I was relaxed and thought of taking 1 more mock just to check if the previous mock was a fluke. I took it the next day at night 1AM again and scored 590(Q48,V25), just a day before my main exam. I analysed my mistake and realised I have been getting almost all CR and RC questions wrong. I was not able to understand what was happening. I started trying the questions again but it felt like my mind was blocked, I was not able to understand a single passage of RC or CR. I hoped it was just a bad day and waited for the main exam but the score was lingering at the back of my mind. D-Day arrived and I tried imitating everything I did on the day I scored 700. Drank coffee, watched a youtube video, and then finally started my exam. And I feel I bombed the verbal section too. I did not get a single boldface question in CR (read somewhere on this forum that getting a boldface indicated you have been attempting the CR questions correctly, not sure how true is this claim), quant's performance affected my verbal too, I could not keep my Quants performance out of my mind. Couldn't complete verbal again (attempted everything but last 4 questions were pure guess) as I got 3 RC questions at last and one CR.

After this section was done, I knew something was off today and then attempted IR and couldn't understand a single question there too ( my IR scores have been consistently between 5-7 in mocks).

Now, I am not sure what to do next as I am not able to grasp the CR questions and RC for sure goes over my head. I have tried "reading slow" technique and it did not work. I tried "skimming" technique and it did not work. Tried "Note making" for RC too but did not help either. And I am not sure what happened to my CR suddenly as I was doing quite well there. I am not able to pre-think like everyone else

I want to get into a good college this year, can not wait for another year. I thought I would be writing my GMAT score debrief like everyone else as to how well I scored but instead I am writing how I messed up.

Any guidance as to how should I approach the RCs and CRs would help and also how should I approach GMAT as a whole after this blunder. I just want to get into a good college by March 2021.

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Discuss it with mentor with over 15 years of experience in GMAT coaching.
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Re: Screwed up my GMAT online ! Need help

by dsan6422 » Fri Oct 02, 2020 2:03 pm
GMAT PROS is offering a FREE 40-minutes Live-Online GMAT Tutoring Session where you can choose the topics and/or questions to go over.

It might be worthwhile to check them out.

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Re: Screwed up my GMAT online ! Need help

by aripov » Fri Oct 30, 2020 10:27 am
Try Target Test Prep. Studying from different books can confuse somtimes, I have experienced this in the past. Now I am doing prep on this platform, and started understanding it much better.


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Hi Niteen,

I'm happy to provide some advice; however, can you first tell me how you scored on your GMAT?

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For RC, prepare using the LSAT material and for CR use the PowerScore CR Bible. The best resource is the OG. For every question try to understand why the choices that are incorrect are the incorrect ones.
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