School Selection - USD vs UNCC

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School Selection - USD vs UNCC

by lakhank » Tue Dec 16, 2014 8:52 pm
Hi Team,

I am an MBA aspirant from India. I have worked with an IT MNC for close to 4 years and have decent extracurricular. Currently aspiring to do an MBA in marketing from USA and I want to make my career in the field of marketing or consulting; basically which involves more of soft skills.

Now I have got an admit from University of San Diego - School of Business Administration and University of North Carolina, Charlotte i.e Belk School of Business. As I am not able to decide which would be a better option, I kindly request you to help analyze the pros and cons.

Future Prospects -->

USD on one end is in CA which is near to the bay area and thus comparatively it is easier to develop networks and get a job there. According to my research across several sites USD graduates' avg salary is around 75 K but surprisingly UNCC's avg salary is 82 K. Thus I am not able to conclude which would be a better in terms of employability.

Program Cost -->

On the cost side; USD is way too expensive, my approximate cost at USD would be 75 K whereas in UNCC it would be only 60 K. So will it be worth spending so much extra money in USD ?

As I reside in India, I am not able to validate the ground reality of USA Colgs. Thus I kindly request you to help me with this decision.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Lakhan Khushalani