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SC hangover on RC!

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SC hangover on RC!

by Bullzi » Mon Oct 26, 2015 9:33 am

This is slightly weird, still, I was curious whether I was the only one going through this. After going through quite a few SC questions, the moment I start working on an RC question, I sub-conclusively start looking for grammatical/other errors in the the passages! I see that it takes me a while to 'switch off' my SC brain and focus on the RC passage as an RC passage! Has anyone gone through something similar? It will be interesting to know similar experiences



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by [email protected] » Mon Oct 26, 2015 9:40 am
Hi Bullzi,

That is one of the interesting 'by-products' of studying for the GMAT - you'll find that it's sometimes difficult to 'shut off' certain GMAT critical thinking skills (those same skills will start to impact your non-GMAT life too - have you started noticing CR patterns/logic/flaws in real-life conversations?).

You'll come to notice that certain RC and Quant questions can sometimes be written in ways that are grammatically inconsistent. However, you can't be distracted by that - your ability to quickly 'switch gears' and use other skills (in this case, your RC skills) is one of the many subtle 'tests' of the GMAT.

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