Sarthak’s Strategy to Score 740 on the GMAT Using Target Test Prep

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Sarthak’s Strategy to Score 740 on the GMAT!

Sarthak started off his GMAT prep by trying out a variety of test prep resources, but there was only one that he felt would give him the strong foundation he needed to score high on the GMAT -- without all the gimmicks: the Target Test Prep GMAT Course.

“You’ve got to have a firm grasp on the fundamentals, and that’s what the TTP curriculum does for you,” Sarthak says. “Any time I got a problem wrong, they would not just give me the solution to that problem, but they would also give me reference material to read further about those concepts.

Despite having a busy full-time work schedule, Sarthak was committed to his prep, day in and day out, diligently using his personalized TTP study plan, attending weekly TTP GMAT webinars, and engaging with TTP’s support team of GMAT experts.

“TTP was super approachable in the chat,” Sarthak says. “You reach out to them any time of day, and they would make sure to reply to you.”

Sarthak’s hard work paid off big. On test day, he walked away with a 740 GMAT score and a perfect Quant score of 51.

“I want to give a massive shout out to the entire Target Test Prep team because, honestly, without them, none of this would have been possible,” Sarthak says.

Watch Sarthak's GMAT journey here.

00:00 - Sarthak’s background and GMAT success
00:45 - What makes TTP better than other GMAT prep providers
02:28 - The benefits of TTP’s curriculum and features
03:55 - How TTP’s GMAT webinars helped me stay on track
05:01 - How TTP “trains your brain” for peak performance
06:16 - Advice for other GMAT students
09:25 - Shout out to the TTP team!

Whatever your score goal or schedule, Target Test Prep has a personalized study plan to get you to the finish line. See for yourself with a 5-day, full-access trial of the TTP course for just $1.

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