Review All Practice Questions You Answer Incorrectly

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Review All Practice Questions You Answer Incorrectly

Keeping in mind the importance of your practice results, you must review any questions you answer incorrectly during practice. Then, if necessary, go back to your study materials and further study the concepts involved in those questions. (Remember, simply reading answer explanations for missed questions generally won’t be sufficient for learning concepts you didn’t fully understand.)

As you’re reviewing your incorrect answers, take note of the reasons why you got each question incorrect. Did you make a careless mistake? Skip over a keyword in an answer choice? Not recognize the specific question type? By determining why you didn’t identify the correct answer, you can see what you need to do differently going forward.

Once you’ve understood the concepts related to a question type and learned to consistently answer questions of that type correctly, you’ll be ready to move on to the next topic. If you repeat this process for every Verbal topic—learn, practice, review, correct—by the time you finish your GMAT prep, you will be a machine at GMAT Focus Verbal.

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