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Resume Evaluation

by zroush » Thu Jan 26, 2017 2:33 pm
Good afternoon,

Please see attached - I am looking for some feedback on my resume for grad school. For more background I posted an evaluation topic here:

I will be applying to various schools including

University of Houston: Baur
University of Houston: Downtown
Texas A&M Mays
UT McCombs

**2nd EDIT**I will be looking to sit for the CPA exam after finishing my MBA. A couple of these programs (specifically UofH Downtown and UofH Baur) are tailored to help you meet all of your requirements for the exam.

All of which offer profession MBA programs at nights and weekends. Again, any feedback is greatly appreciated.[/url]

**EDIT** looked like the URL wasn't working so detail and more background pasted below:

I am going to apply to the Professional MBA program at Mays A&M in Houston. Wanted to see if anyone here had experience with this specific school/program and what you thought my chances were to get admitted.

Majored in Business Administration with a minor in Applied Economics at Austin College - small private school.

College GPA: 2.514
Major GPA: 2.84
GRE Score: 156 Verbal and 155 Quant. (311 Total)
(Have not taken the GMAT)

Work experience background:
I have 4 years of work experience, 2 in the oilfield as an Analyst/Revenue Controller and 2 as the Revenue Controller for a Waste/Trucking company. Have been fairly successful so far - been making over six figures for a couple of years and manage a team of around 10 people. Knowing that my goal is to be the CFO at my current company, the owner and CFO told me they wanted me to either get my CPA or here I am. My company employs many Aggies(all the owners are as well) so I am thinking it would be a great fit.

I know that my College GPA may be what kills me - but I will have a couple of great recommendation letters from A&M Alumni who have a "strong relationship" with the University as a whole.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback - really trying to find a way to get into a good MBA program with my lackluster college GPA.
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by mbaMissionJenK » Mon Jan 30, 2017 11:15 am
Hi there,

Thanks for sharing. Yes as you are aware, the undergrad GPA is your biggest challenge. In order to do a full resume review, I would invite you to sign up for one of our free 30 minute consultations at your convenience, at

For more details and dialogue here, could you let me know whether you are aiming for full time or part-time for this list of programs? And provide me with some info on your post MBA goals and how you would describe your leadership experience to date? Or if you do utilize the consultation feel free to discuss all of that at that point alternatively, either way, hope we can help!

Best of luck.
Jennifer Kedrowski
MBA Admissions Consultant
[email protected]

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