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Hi Guys,
Hope you are safe and your GMAT Preparation is going good amidst these pandemic situations.

Please allow us to briefly introduce our Mentor and GMAT Coach - Indradeep Mazumdar, a GMAT 760 scorer and a MBA graduate from AGSM Australia. He is a GMAT coach and Admission consulting mentor for the past 15 years and has a tremendous track record of sending 500-700 students to various global programs of MBA. He has also been into strategy consulting, product management, technology and innovation, HR, and corporate governance for more than 15 years. He is the only person in India who is a veteran in the corporate business field and also teaches/helps students, his experience will reflect in your profile and GMAT scores as a success. His passion for teaching and helping students haven't quenched yet, You guys got a greater opportunity of studying under him.

Linkedin profile: Searched 'Indradeep Mazumdar'

He can completely lend his hand on the following:
- 1:1 GMAT Coaching (Customizable classes)
- Limited Batch GMAT Coaching (Non-customizable weekend classes)
- Individual Doubt Clearing session (Especially for the self-study learners)
- Complete Admission consulting 6 months program
- 6-month programs start from Career discovery to Profile building to Essay and Interview prep

Please do reach out to me via Beat the GMAT or Whatsapp (+91 9663487222) and he will be happy to work with you. He aims to work with only 15 aspirants this application cycle, and charge only a nominal fee for his work.

We look forward to hearing from you all. Best of luck to all of you!