request for profile evaluation.

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request for profile evaluation.

by irshikha » Sun Aug 23, 2015 9:50 pm

i would be highly obliged if i culd get a clear understanding of where i stand.

i am an MBBS grad-2014 passout (including internship)
class X(cbse )- 89%
class XII (cbse)- 66.2%
in class 12 only my maths marks brought down my score. rest are all above 75%.
MBBS- overall 63.5 % ,among the top 5 in class, gold medal in 2 subjects.
experince of internship from SSKM&ipgmer which is the apex hospital of westbengal.

achievements as a student
:received merit certificate from cbse for being in the top 1% in science and technology in class X
:merit certificate in national science olympiad
:held posts of prefect and captain from class 6 to 11.
:actively involved in debate and extempore-won many interschool events.
:trained odissi dancer.
:student editor in newspaper in school by times of india
:was the host of various events and conferences in college.

experience :
-working as medical officer in cardiology with narayan hrudalaya which is one of he most acclaimed chain of hospitals in the field of cardiology
-actively involved in business management of my family owned salon
-regularly host health -check up camps for the less privileged.

-since dad had been in a transferable job i have been exposed to many cultures and ways of life which has made me flexible and tolerant.
-army public school put me in a peer group which was an amalgam of the whole of india, induced army style discipline and approach
-internship in SSKM has taught me how to work in extreme pressure situations and take critical decisions among emotional,social and political pressure. also legally correct approach.
-exposed to corporate culture from childhood
-actively involved in the family owned salon so undertand the basic psychology of the clientele and customer base. and mild understanding of marketing.


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by CriticalSquareMBA » Tue Aug 25, 2015 7:39 am
Hi - thanks for the post! Have you taken the GMAT yet?
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