Request for Profile Evaluation

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Request for Profile Evaluation

by ankitkumar1510 » Fri May 02, 2014 5:33 am

Kindly evaluate my profile.

Background information:
Nationality: Indian
Undergrad - GGSIP University ( 81.1% ). (GPA- 3.1/4.0)
Majors : in Computer Science and Technology

GMAT : 1st attempt : 680 (Q48 V35 AWA 5.0)

Work Experience - (1.5 years - Information Technology in Service Industry - Domain: Mobility- Working as a UI designer)

Major Responsibilities / Achievements:

Jan'2013 - May'2014

1) Involved in the estimation of various projects- estimating about the efforts, assumptions and timelines required for the build.
2) Requirement elicitation and code enhancement / restructuring based on requirements (software code).
3) Mentoring of new joiners in project team (have mentored more than 7 new joiners to the team successfully)
4) Worked on optimization of existing processes. Designed various tools to optimise different operation which were done manually.
5) Team coordinator- : Initiate and coordinate team building activities and project trips.
6) Working on multi-platforms environment dealing with different clients and at different levels.

Extra Curricular:

1) An active member in organizing events in employer organization (as stated above, already have organized few big events, mostly single handed).
2) Teaching the under privileged kids of Nandlal Slum Area, Delhi, as a part of PMI (Passion Movement International), an International NGO, Since Jan 2011. Also involved in the marketing of various initiatives taken by the NGO. Also a part of many programmes such as Blanket distribution drive, vitamin supplement drives etc.
3) Member of the core organizing committee of the inter-college technical cum Cultural Fest FNORD'11 during graduation.
4) Member of the organizing committee of national seminar- 'Technophilia 2011' on cloud computing and green IT technology during graduation.
5) Core founder of College society- IRIS, which is a student society with the objective of guidance to the freshers on various technical and cultural fields, in 2010.

6) Was the head of the college Cultural Fashion team. Participated and organized various fashion shows. Also won the 2nd runners up in Fashionista- a Fashion cum Talent event organised in my IT company.

7) Part of the organising committee- Bang6 community of my company- Organising various recreational events

I am planning to apply to NUS and NTU. I assume my dream of ISB is almost shattered with my current score.

I am pretty naïve about the B-schools. So, kindly suggest some B-schools with reference to my profile.
P.s- I know I have that typical male Indian IT profile. Kindly also suggest me how to improve the same.
Post MBA I intend to have a future in marketing/Brand management.

Thanks in advance.


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by mbaMissionJenK » Tue May 06, 2014 8:30 pm
Hi there,

Thanks for posting such detailed profile info. ;) Yes there are a lot of Indian IT applicants. ;) Yes you want to focus on what makes YOU unique...what makes you who you are, how you'll contribute to the class that may be different from the average (Indian IT) applicant.

Things that stood out for me upon reading your post so far ...

-fashion industry interest is quite unique
-the mentoring-- if you can really talk about this in detail and how you've led and inspired these co workers, what you've learned etc it could be a plus
-team coordinator sounds like a leadership role/opportunity
-teaching underprivileged kids vis PMI etc

Areas you could improve or potential weaknesses....

-GMAT!! Especially among your peer group. Can you re-take? It's quite common to do so and schools take the higher score.
-fewer years of work experience-- if less than say 3 years by matriculation, that could cause some admissions reps to ask-- is NOW really the right time? vs waiting a year or two and getting more experience??

I wouldn't say ISB is 'shattered' with your current score but higher would be better, as would additional work experience and likely additional leadership. One thing that may raise eyebrows is your goal of brand management... be sure you show that you've done your research into what exactly that would look like post-MBA and how you'll make that transition which could be challenging and cause schools to hesitate, fyi.

Good luck to you!
Jennifer Kedrowski
MBA Admissions Consultant
[email protected]

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