Remind Yourself That You Don’t Have To Be Perfect to Score High

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If you expect yourself to be perfect on the GMAT Focus Edition, you’re never going to meet your expectations. And if you never meet your expectations, well then, your confidence in yourself won’t be very high.

Students who strive for perfection see every GMAT Focus question they answer incorrectly as an affront to their vision of how they “should” perform. Thus, their confidence in their test-taking abilities tends to be low. On the other hand, students who view missed questions as opportunities to improve and a natural part of the learning process tend to feel more confident about their GMAT Focus prospects.

Here’s the thing: perfection on the GMAT Focus Edition is not possible or even necessary. You don’t have to be perfect on the GMAT Focus to earn high scores. And when it comes to confidence, expecting perfection from yourself is probably doing more harm than good.

So, do your best. Put your full effort in. But, remind yourself that you don’t have to be perfect to reach your GMAT Focus goals.

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